Dave Fontana

TV Animation Director

Klasky Csupo, Hollywood
Rugrats (Nickelodeon)
Rocket Power (Nickelodeon)

TV Storyboard Artist

Universal Animation Studio, Universal City
Curious George (PBS)
Balley Beg Studio, Isle of Man, UK
Finley the Fire Engine (BBC)
Disney Toon Studio, Burbank
Tinker Bell Trilogy (DVD releases)
Klasky Csupo, Hollywood
Duckman (USA)
AAHH! Real Monsters (Nickelodeon)
Stressed Eric (BBC)
The Wild Thornberrys (Nickelodeon)
Sony TV Animation, Culver City
Jumanji (FOX)

Feature Story Artist

Paramount Pictures, Hollywood
‘Rugrats Go Wild’
Xing Xing, Beijing, China
‘Hero of Color City’

Development Artist

Hanna Barbera, Studio City
Marvel Entertainment, N. Hollywood
Jim Keeshen Productions, W.L.A.


Illusion Factory
‘Draw’ (animation short)

Jim Keeshen Prod.
Monkey Love (Animation Short)
Nickelodeon Halloween I.D.


2002-2003 Daytime Emmy
Outstanding Children’s Animated Program
‘Rugrats’ Director

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